Thursday, November 23, 2006

The first snowfall has arrived in the high Pyrenees’ mountains. With this snowfall stars the ski season 2006-2007. I’ve decided speak about this topic because ski is my favorite sport and in la Pobla there are a lot of people who likes skiing. Nowadays ski is a very popular sport and thousand of people practice it in the Pyrenees.
Ski, in the beginning was a means of transport. Ski like sport started in the Northern countries at the end of 19th century. With the phenomenon of immigration, today ski is one sport around the world. In Spain this hobby arrived more or less in 1910. In 1941 was funded la Federación Española de Esquí.
In the last years, skis have developed a lot and the carving skis have removed the traditional skis. This type of skis permit accelerates the learning and goes faster than traditional skis.
Good ski season to all skiers!

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