Sunday, November 26, 2006


During the last few months, we have been seeing lots of advertisements on TV that have to do with Christmas. The most known advertisements, at present, are related, as we are accustomed, with toys and games for children. In addition, we also have perfumes and CD’s advertisements which have an important role in world’s television. Doubtlessly, the reason of this type of advertisements is entirely commercial so as to sell, through this period, lots of products, taking advantage of people’s predisposition to buy more than any time of the year.
On the other hand, other types of advertisements we can find are about typical things and food of Christmas like Christmas trees or nougats.
From my point of view, one of the most attractive advertisements on TV related with Christmas, are about different companies of Cava. For instance, we can mention Freixenet Company, who spends an important sum of money in his Christmas ad. Freixenet is used to advertise their products with famous people. Personally, I do believe the current advertisements are worst than before. I think every year they lost more attraction and amusement. For this reason, I only hope this year it would be more amusing than the last with the actress Demi Moore and Gabino Diego. If we want to know the answer, we will have to wait until 29 November. About it, I just know that protagonists are the actress Gwyneth Paltrow and the dancer Angel Corella. We will see!

Below, I append one Freixenet's advert where you can opine about it. When we will have seen Freixenet 2006's ad we can discuss wich one is better. So, we will see in a few days! See you later!

add FREIXENET 2003

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