Thursday, December 14, 2006

Modelism in Lleida

Around the world a lot of people like radio controlled cars, or planes; painting miniatures; sculpting and a lot of hobbies that are engloved in modelism.
Barcelona is the city where there are more modelism shops and centers in Spain, followed by Madrid. But in Lleida there are only two good places where you can go if you like this kind of entertainment. Although there are only those two modelism centers there are very good places with very friendly nice costumers that help you in what they can.
In fact these two shops are in the ranking of the twenty best modeling shops in Spain. They organize Scalextric competitions, painting classes and lots of activities related with radio controlled cars, planes, helicopters and boats, miniatures, train modelism and, in general, all you can think in miniature is there.
But it is only in Lleida. Allover the province there are no shop specialized on this. I hope in a near future it will appear some new and interesting places where you can go to have fun with modelism.

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