Thursday, December 14, 2006

Welcome to !!!

We are going to visit Barcelona next Thursday, instead of being at school.

We are going to leave from La Pobla very early. May be, we will have a break at the middle of the travel to eat something. More o less, at ten or eleven o'clock we will arrive in the big city. At half past eleven we will be at the Museum of the History to do the first visit of the day.

When we finish, we'll have free time to do all the things that we want. We'll be able to go to eat at a restaurant,buy clothes or music, books...

At five o'clock, we'll have to be at the theatre to see "En Polvora".

Finally, after the theatre, we'll come back home, but there is someone that they pass the night in Barcelona or they'll don't come back. For example, Joan and Tuso will be in the Camp Nou at night, people that want to see the family and I that I want to stay with my girlfriend.

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