Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas in our country

Christmas is very near and we are preparing all the things to make it a good celebration.
Every year people go shopping the same day is the celebration, experts say it’s bad because all food is more expensive, they say it’s better to go shopping one week before because food is cheaper and there is less people than the day of the celebration.
Altought experts say this, saverys only say that one of three people go shopping one week before the celebration, people say it’s better because you don’t have to freeze the food and it’s more comfortable to buy all the things the same day because you don’t need space for save food you only need the kitchen.
Experts say it’s a bad habit because Christmas days all the products are more expensive and don’t have the same quality because there are lot’s of shops that to make more money for example some shops sell fish that was fished two or three days before.
But leaving surveys Christmas is a very beautiful party when all the streets are full of beautiful lights and all the people are more happy that in other part of the year, this thing maybe is because the lights on the streets, going shopping but I think we have to take advantages of Christmas and be happy because in one week we will have holidays and it will be the best without school and with all our friends.
Merry Christmas!

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