Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas in the countries anglosaxons

In anglosaxon countries the protagonist of Christmas is Father Christmas or Santa Claus. This man fat and bearded with a honey aspect has his origen in a lot of religious traditions.
On the one hand, the legend of Saint Nicholas de Bari, a greek priest, who was characterized by his generousity and his treatment with childrens. On the other hand, the pattern from Holland Sinterklaas was characteritzed by his innovations.
Two centuries later, the northamerican writter Washington Irving changed this two names and put Santa Claus. The appearance of Santa Claus was made by the swedish designer Thomas Nast put Santa Claus in his comics.
In the 20th century Coca-Cola made Santa Claus in his advertisements. First they changed the colour of Santa Claus's clothes and a designer painted the clothes colour red.

I wish you a Mery Christmas and a happy 2007!!

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