Monday, April 02, 2007

Last Saturday took place the performing of our documentary ‘La Memòria dels Temps Perduts’. I know there are many articles that explain about it; however I don’t want to talk about their contents, but about how was the performing.

At four o’clock most of us were in the bar Astoret sharing nerves. Some of us drank something in order to calm our tension. There, we also wrote dedications to Manel’s album (a present that we did from him). At half past five, we went to the cinema to meet with everybody and Manel, too. Some minutes later, people began to arrive and soon the entire cinema was full. I remember my face turning back to last sittings and I saw people who were straight because they couldn’t sit anywhere; all was full.

Around the six o’clock the show began with a mayoralty’s speech. Then, a few words of two students representing all the group - Cristina and Escales-; they were great! Isn’t it?
Just then the film began and people could see our work. People enjoyed our project a lot; many people congratulated us. At the same time, some of us were moved for all the emotion that we were living. However, above all, I must say it was a perfect afternoon!

Furthermore, the party went on, all this don’t finish here. After the cinema we went to the Kastri and celebrated the success! In addition, we could enjoy listening to Saray’s voice singing her song –included in the project-.
Finally, we had dinner in the Restaurant ‘La Riba’ together. There, during the dinner, we receive a nice new: the Generalitat is going to give us some money (financed) to show our project in different cities.

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Barry said...

hi Rosa, you must be very nervous, and at the same time proud of what you have done. Congratulations!