Wednesday, April 25, 2007


The Anzac day is celebrated in Australia and New Zeland the 25th April, it’s one of the most celebrated dates in the country.
Te Anzac day marks the anniversary of the participation of Australia in the First World War, it’s an important day because before then Australia was a strange country but with this participation they won a lot of honours.
In 1920 this date was established as a national day to commemorate all the Australians who died in this world war.
Now this is a very special day for Australians because doing this they remember the old times and they can talk and think about the war, also with this day all the citizens commemorate all the persons died in all the wars which Australia has participated.
An Australian rules football
match is played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground between traditional Australian football League rivals Collinwood Magpies and Essendom Bombers on Anzacday in celebration of the Anzac spirit.
In Tonga
, Samoa, Cook Islands and Niue, Anzac Day is also commemorated to honor their soldiers who participated in the campaign.
This day is especially important because all the people of the country can remember the problems of a war, for a lot of people this is their national day however it isn’t.
Other traditional thing is to read a poem for the fallen known as the “Ode of Remembrance”.
However we can think it’s an old celebration this day is celebrated around the world for all the Australians and it’s a very important date.

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