Thursday, April 12, 2007

Las month of Course

Now it is bringing near the end of the course, exactly there is only one month of classes. At this time, there are many people who had studied all the year and now, they also have to go on working and studying at the same rhythm. However, there are other people who didn’t do the same, they didn’t study too much and now they will have so many problems to pass all the exams. Besides, inside this same group we find people who had work a little bit and they had fail only one or two subject. In this group, where I consider that I am in it, teenagers decided to study so hard and pass all the exams. From my point of view, working hard the last two month is worthwhile; then you could have the stillness of passing the Bachillerato. In May, we will see what happen!

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Barry said...

Hi Tuso, I think you write a quite accurate description of the situation in our classroom.