Thursday, April 26, 2007

The legend of "Sant Jordi"

There was a monster ferocious and terrible, that was the damage of the persons and for all that region the terror reigned. The inhabitants thought of giving him every day a person who would serve as prey to him. All the neighbourhood decided then, to do every day a draw with all the inhabitants of the town and who was choosed by the luck would be given to the beast.One day, the luck decided that the daughter of the king was the selected. The princess was young, attractive, fine... a lot of citizens offered to substituting her, but the king was severe and, he said that her daughter would had to be sacrificed.But, ridden in a white horse, and with a golden and shiny armor, was the case that a young knight was presented to her. The maiden, all worried, told him to run away in a fast way because the monster would eat him. The knight told her not to fear, because he had gone expressly to fight against the beast. The knight with a good knock of lance killed it.The king wanted to marry his daughter with Sant Jordi, but he didn’t want because he said that he did not deserve her and that his visit in that town was because he had had a divine revelation about the need urgent of saving that town from the monster, and he disappeared mysteriously as he had come.

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Barry said...

A very nice legend retold by a very hard working student. Thanks Joan. Wouldn't you like to be the brave knight S. George?