Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The other day, surfing in the net I found the surprising news, not that it will seem to you, from my point of view, the friend him towards a joke since it is impossible that because you let practice single sex and eat vegetables you live thousand years, in addition is something impossible for a human person or for any specimen except some plants.


In China, a man abstained to have sex with his woman during last the 17 years because he wishes “to live for always”.

One is Chen Dong, a fiftyish one of the city of Chongqing, that changed its style of life after which a colleague assured to him that she could live thousand years if he became celibate and vegetarian.“He believed it completely, and from 1989 he has cooked for both only vegetarian subjects of gossip and let live with me in he himself dormitory ", explained its wife, Yu Hui. On the other hand, Dong affirmed: “Eaten simple they can clean my body, and a asexuada life can maintain my energy when it feels to me exhausted ".

By the sight, the man is convinced of which it is the secret of the eternal life and was a step advanced more: one divorced of its wife arguing who wishes a calm life, but has been forced to pay an indemnification to him of 10 thousand dollars.

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Barry said...

Hi sara, what an strange and silly happening! I lack words to make any comment.