Saturday, April 14, 2007

The importance of blogs

Nowadays the importance of the Internet on the society is very big, this level is so high that some surveys had shown that it can influence in our mind and make us change things they say.
One of the most important thing that make change mind of consumers are the blogs, a blog is like a website but it’s easier to create and all the people can say they’re opinion this make that more than the 41% of Spanish that read blogs say that they’ll change to buy a product if in a blog they say that it’s bad ore more expensive than other.
Nowadays in Spain there are more than 2 million of blogs, experts say that every five months the number of participants in blogs increase a 50%.
Blogs are for all the people a new way to express they’re opinion and that other people around the world can read this and can say the opinion about the topic, and example of this way to work is our English blog, there we write our compositions but also we can write our opinion of one topic and we can talk it with all the English partners.

In conclusion I think that blogs are a very good way to work and to go to the future so the best thing is to use them a lot and say our opinion about all the things we consider are good to talk about.

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Barry said...

Hi Xavi, I agree with you. In fact, at the end of the course I would like you all to write about the experience of blogging.