Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Espanyol - Werder Bremen

Tomorrow at nine o'clock approximately we'll be able to see an historical soccer match for the "pericos": Espanyol vs Werder Bremen.

It's the second time that we arrive at this level in this cup. The last time was in 1988 when we arrived at the final match but we lost it. We want that tomorrow we will win in order to play in Glasgow, the final versus Sevilla or Osasuna.

All of us want that all the Olimpic Stadium will be full for animating the soccer players and they can to win. It's a very difficult match but I believe in my team.
In conclusion, tomorrow will be an historical and the most important day for us, the "pericos" and we are sure that they will play well.

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Barry said...

Hi Dani, sorry I edited your entry to fix your image in another position and ... it disappeared.
I am not a football fan but I know that Espanyol won the match. Congratulations!