Thursday, April 26, 2007

Google vs Microsoft

Nowadays people relates the computers with Windows and Microsoft.
It's a fact that a lot of people uses Microsoft's programes, but why? they arn't free and sometimes there are the same programes on a free version.
The last news are about google. They have just started with free programs. Now Google have two free programns, one as the famous Microsoft Word and the oder as Microsoft Exel. This two aplications are completely free and you only need to have a computer with internet.
Althought they have only these two programes they are working to create the google "Power Point".
I think it will be a very big presure to Microsoft the fact that a famous site as Google creates free programes compeeting with their expensive ones. In adition Google have declared that they do it just for help people.


Barry said...
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Barry said...

A good article, Joan.

Remember that although doesn't take any final t.