Thursday, April 12, 2007

Catalan vs. Spanish

Last Monday it was emitted a documentary named “Ciudadanos de segunda” on TeleMadrid. It was produced by El Mundo TV for the Madrid channel.

This documentary is about the situation of the Spanish in Catalonia. All the people from here know that the Catalans don’t persecute the Spanish people, who are the half part of the total population in Catalonia. But it’s just what is said on the film.

I think it’s a very bad thing for Catalonia what it’s said in the film, because foreign people may think it’s true. What Catalans have to do is to prove that it isn’t true. A lot of things are bilingual, as some newspapers. In fact I think that the language that is in danger is the Catalan, not the Spanish.

In conclusion I think that the documentary is only a political strategy against the Catalans and the Catalan government.

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Barry said...

Hi JOan, you have written about a very controversial article. It is a pity I haven't read it, but as a Spanish speaker I think that they have exagerated a lot. I have never been pushed back because of my mother tonge.