Sunday, June 03, 2007


Most of us usually receive emails that inform about how to learn English with only 1000 words, how to have a graduate of ESO simply with a short course without moving of home and more things that we didn’t think that could exist.
In my case, I’ve never tried these experiences before because I thought that I learned quite a lot at school but I have discovered that we don’t have to close the doors of the wisdom and, for this reason, it’s required and essential to prove new experiences, for example, our Blog.
It has been a good way to learn more about a wide language like English, to participate in the same activity in group and, specially, to pay attention at the mistakes that we typically make.
In conclusion, I have learnt to have more freedom and facilities at the time of writing any composition.

Thanks and I’m really glad that we have shared this experience together.

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Barry said...

Dear Carina, thanks so much for your posts which have always been of great interest. Thanks for being so nice and for helping your classmates to carry on with their duties, thanks for being so enthusiastic towards English and German my two subjects. I'm going to miss you, my dear.